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Software is a set of instructions that tells your computer what to do and how to perform.  Software often referred to as programs is generally installed through a download or by disk.  Hardware are the devices that are used to read the software, the software tells the hardware devices how to perform.  At Hunt Office UK we have a range of software from antivirus software to business software.   Software can be free to download via the internet often referred to as shareware however many professional business programs need to be purchased.

There are two main types of software available:

Systems Software : This is the type of software that allows the computer  hardware to function, a well-known example would be Windows.  Systems software is used to run the application software.  When installing application software you need to ensure you have the right system software (or version) on your PC.

Application Software : is computer software that allows users to preform specific tasks, popular application software programs would include, Microsoft word, Excel, Access and Microsoft Outlook.

At we have the following selection of application software programs available:

Transaction Security Software - Software that safeguards you against identity theft while doing transactions online.

Financial software packages - We supply some of the most popular financial and accounting software packages in the UK including Sage and Quickbooks.  Our Sage packages include Sage Payroll software which lets you pay your employees, the software automatically deducts taxes, pensions and sick pay, making the payroll process simple and quick to complete, giving you time to complete other tasks.  The payroll can be then exported to Sage accounts.  Our accounting software packages include Intuit Quick books that lets you record sales, expenditure, customer details and can create invoices, pay bills and organise all your organisations finances in one place.

Antivirus software - Our antivirus software packages will protect you pc and personal information and will detect viruses when present.

• Microsoft office programs - Our Microsoft Office software includes well-known professional software including excel, outlook, power point, word and access.

• Labelling Software - Our avery labelling software lets you create professional dvd and cd labels, which lets you customise and transform the look of your blank CD or DVD.