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Welcome to the Huntoffice UK Clock in System webstore. We are the premier office supplies company in the United Kingdom. We deliver ordered goods within 24 - 48 hours to all areas of Northern Ireland, Wales, England & Scotland.

The history of Clock In Systems goes way back to 1888, when the first prototype was invented in New York by the inventor Willard Bundy.

The technologically advanced Clock In Systems of today are unrecognisable to the system Willard Bundy invented all those years ago but the core ideology of his invention is as relevant today as it was back then.

There are a number of different Clock In Systems available to purchase through the website.  We aim to give you the information you require to choose the best system to suit your business needs.

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So what exactly is a Clock In System?

A Clock in System can either be an electronic or mechanical device which records the date and hours worked by an employee. Although electronic devises are becoming cheaper to buy, many organisations still choose the mechanical system as they are reliable and simple to use.

The mechanical device is operated by placing a time sheet into the unit. This sheet records the date and amount of hours worked. The electronic clock in system, on the other hand, works by scanning a Swipe Card, Hand or Finger Print on or through the device which electronically gathers the data which can be stored on a computer for later analysis.

Magnetic Swipe Card Clock in System

Magnetic Swipe card works exactly like a credit card when you go to pay for your petrol or groceries at the local supermarket. The magnetic strip holds the personal details of the employee. This strip is then ‘read’ by the magnetic clock in system which stores the information within its memory. Magnetic Swipe Card - Clock in Systems are user friendly and relatively cost efficient. However, it is important to store the card away from electromagnetic sources as the magnetism can wipe the stored data from the strip.

Fingerprint Time Clock in Systems

In the past number of years, there has been a surge in demand in the UK market for Biometric Clock in Systems such as Fingerprint Time Clocks due to greater availability and the reduction in the cost of technology. The system operates by scanning a number of points on the person’s finger and stores it within its memory. Once the information is stored, the device will recognise the finger print and automatically record the date & time on the person’s file every time they use it to clock in. There are many advantages for choosing a finger print clock in system. These include eliminating the need for employees to use clocking in and out cards which are regularly lost by staff,  Fingerprint time clocks are faster to use than some mechanical devices, They are also more reliable and accurate as only the correct person can clock in.

Why would my company need a clock in system?

• A clock in system is one of the easiest ways for companies to accurately pay their employees. It makes the process of Pay Roll analysis faster and more transparent for both the employer and employee.

• A clock in system will allow the employer to quickly identify staff members who are regularly absent or poor time keepers.

• Information Gathering – Electronic clock in systems allow you to gather internal business information like never before. It allows the employers to see what access door the employee entered or left the building through, their date of birth, employee number, contracted hours of employment, pay level, etc.

• For larger businesses, an electronic clock in system can be used to examine projected cost forecasts. i.e Estimated spend vs Actual spend. This is relevant for Client Billing where you can monitor the amount of time spent by contractors on specific tasks and it allows you to query invoices showing excessive charges for hours worked.