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Welcome to the Binding Machines and Supplies section of the website. We have all the angles covered when it comes to providing for your binding needs. Whether you have come to stock up on your binding machine supplies or you’re here looking to purchase a binding machine for the very first time. We aim to give you the best products at the cheapest prices you will find in the UK. We supply to all areas of the United Kingdom (London, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff etc.)

So what is there to know about binding machines? Well there is actually quite a bit to consider before you decide on a binding machine that best suits your needs. Primarily, there are four elements that you should first examine.

1. Process of elimination – ‘What do I really need?’, ‘How much can I afford to spend?’, ‘How many pages do I need to punch at any one time?’

2. Quantity of sheets to be bound – The number of sheets a machine can bind can vary from one model to the next.  The range can start at 100 pages and go up to 500 pages approx.

3. Type of documents you are binding – If you are a home user and the finished aesthetics of the item you are binding is not of high importance, than a lower cost model with reduced binding capacity will suffice. On the other hand, if you own or manage a business that strives to present a professional image, than it is probably worthwhile investing in an advanced model that offers you greater flexibility and binding control.

4. Deciding on a binding style– There are three main binding styles to choose from. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages when compared against each other. (This is discussed further in the 'Binding Machines' section of the website)

As you can see, choosing a binding machine that ticks all the boxes is the tricky part. Once this has been done, it is easy to navigate through the Huntoffice binding supplies categories (slide binders, binding strips, binding covers, binding machine wires and binding machine combs) to find the exact binding accessories for your machine.
For owners of Comb Binding machines we have a multitude of binding machine combs to choose from. We supply standard universal binding machine combs and combs for GBC ClickBinder and ClickMaster. Sizes range from 6mm (35 sheets) up to 51mm (365 sheets) for larger documents. Brands available include GBC, 5 Star and Rexel and can be purchased in an array of colours. Pack sizes include 5 pack, 50 pack and 100 pack.

If you are the owner of a Wire Binder, we have wires for use with 21 loop and 34 loop binding machines. Size selection ranges from 5mm (35 sheets) up to 14mm (125 sheets) for bulkier documents.The 21 loop binding wire allows documents to open 360°, creating a highly professional finish. Brand choices include GBC, Rexel and Ibico. Standard colours available are white, black and silver.

Thermal Binder users will find a variety of thermal cover sizes and colours (royal blue, red, clear) to choose from. Thermal covers usually come in packs of 100 and range from 1.5mm (15 sheet) to 6mm (50 sheet) capacity.