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Modern office environments can be rather chaotic therefore it is important that businesses allocate secluded space and provide employees with enough privacy so they can work efficiently. Hunt Office Interiors offers a complete office screen systems including desktop dividers, floor standing screens and acoustic pods. Office screens are an easy and convenient way of organising any work space to suit all needs, whether it is dividing the workstation area or creating separate space for meetings and collaborative work.
Desktop screens are a perfect solution to group desking arrangements as they separate workstations without complete isolation. This is an ideal way employees can have a distraction-free work space while at the same time being able to communicate with other workers. Our wide range of desk partitions are available in upholstered or glazed finish and come in a variety of colours and shapes.
Floor standing screens can easily divide an open space in separate or semi-enclosed areas while reducing the level of noise. Hunt Office Interiors will help you combine an open-plan office design with the need for confidentiality. While our team will ensure your office design is completed to the highest standards, the privacy panels can be easily re-located should you decide to change the layout of your workspace.
To complete our collection, acoustic pods are the most modern and contemporary way for creating private space in style. Office pods are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace due to the ability to fully distant yourself from the distractions of a busy office.
Allow our experienced team to transform your office with our complete office screen collection. Whatever your needs are, Hunt Office Interiors will efficiently divide any workspace whilst adding colour and character to your office environment.