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• Whiteboard markers (also called drywipe markers) are non-permanent type of markers which are used for writing on whiteboards, flip charts, OHP films and other smooth surfaces. They are one of the most popular presentation supplies among offices. Whiteboard markers are also great for children as the ink is easy to remove and clean.


• One of the advantages when using whiteboard markers for applying text and drawings on dry wipe surfaces is the ease of holding and writing with them. Not only is such writing closer to our handwriting than one achieved by using chalk but it also requires less effort and pressure to apply the ink onto surface. In places where whiteboard markers are used on daily basis it often happens that markers are left without caps for numerous days – usually this would cause the ink to dry but most of modern whiteboard markers are capable of being left even up to 14 days uncapped without affecting marker’s writing performance.


• Whiteboard markers are available in multiple colours which gives you the possibility to create colourful presentations and easily highlight the most important parts of a lecture or report. Whiteboard markers can also be used in other, less standard ways – you can mark the food that you place in the freezer, make marks inside and outside filing cabinets or filing drawers, leave messages or notes on mirrors or glass surfaces.


• One of really smart uses of whiteboard markers is to actually use them as an eraser for permanent marker marks. You only need to scribble over the text or drawings with a whiteboard marker and wipe it with a drywipe eraser. How is this possible – whiteboard markers include a solvent which is capable of dissolving many types of permanent marker inks.


• Whiteboard markers are available in two types of nibs –chisel tip that allows creating thin and thick lines depending on the angle at which it is being held; the second type is bullet tip which provides you with same line width no matter what angle you are writing at. Since whiteboard markers are mostly used on whiteboards or flipcharts it is important to choose the right nib width so that it is possible to see markings from a distance. A minimum nib width for whiteboard markers should be at least 1.0 mm; the maximum nib width depends on the size of a whiteboard and the size of the room in which it is used – 4-5mm nibs create fairly thick lines which can be seen even from a greater distance.


• When buying whiteboard markers you should always check if they do not contain toxic materials such as xylene and toluene which can cause dizziness or headaches. Thankfully the standards of whiteboard markers manufacturers have improved and all quality brands exclude these harmful chemicals from their products. Still you might find some whiteboard markers to have a very strong smell of chemicals when you remove the cap but you shouldn’t worry as the smell can be unpleasant but it is not a threat to one’s health. If you find the smell of markers to be extremely annoying you might choose low odour ink markers which are available from most of the popular manufacturers. delivers to locations throughout the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.