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Esselte Orgarex Suspension File Foolscap Pk 50 10402

Esselte Orgarex Suspension File Foolscap Pk 50 10402

RRP: £179.08
£69.90 ex vat
£83.88 inc vat
Esselte Orgarex Suspension File 30mm Foolscap Pk 50 10403

Esselte Orgarex Suspension File 30mm Foolscap Pk 50 10403

RRP: £269.75
£104.95 ex vat
£125.94 inc vat
Esselte Classic Reinforced Suspension Files with Dividers A4 Blue Pack of 10

Esselte Classic Reinforced Suspension Files with Dividers A4 …

RRP: £24.42
£11.45 ex vat
£13.74 inc vat
Esselte Green Pendaflex Suspension File A4 Pack of 25

Esselte Green Pendaflex Suspension File A4 Pack of 25

RRP: £43.94
£14.95 ex vat
£17.94 inc vat
Esselte Red Pendaflex Suspension File A4 Pack of 25

Esselte Red Pendaflex Suspension File A4 Pack of 25

RRP: £38.61
£25.90 ex vat
£31.08 inc vat

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Suspension files are the most common type of hanging files that you will find in offices and workplaces. Vertical suspension files are highly popular in professional filing systems as they can be easily accessed and their tabs provide convenient file identification. 

Vertical suspension files have an open top for easy inserting and removing documents and have special hooks on both ends so that they can be fitted onto runners in desk filing drawers, filing cabinets, filing cupboards and filing trolleys. Such system allows placing multiple suspension files on the same runners which reduces the amount of space required for storing files. 

Tips for buying Vertical Suspension Files 

• Choosing the correct size of vertical suspension files might cause some confusion, so it is worth to know the size of files that you can use with filing storage equipment at your workplace. There are two sizes of vertical hanging suspension files that are available on the market: A4 hanging suspension files which overall width is 340mm and they are suitable for hangers set from 380mm to 390mm apart; the other type are foolscap vertical suspension files which are larger files with overall width of 405mm and therefore are suitable for hangers set between 380mm and 390mm apart. 

• If you are not sure what size of suspension files to choose it might be worth measuring the distance between the hangers in your filing cabinet, desk filing pedestal, etc. If you know the model of your filing storage equipment you can also check the technical specification on our website as all the filing storage equipment comes with description of vertical suspension files sizes that are suitable to use with it. A lot of filing cabinets and all filing trolleyshave an adjustable rails and are capable of holding both sizes of suspension files which can be very convenient for users. 

• Another important feature is the base type of vertical suspension file as it determines how many documents is it possible to place within. V-base vertical hanging suspension files are the most compact in size but are limited in terms of capacity as they would only hold 15mm thickness of documents in each file (approx. 150 sheets). If you require the suspension files to hold more documents you should choose square base vertical suspension files as they are available in 30mm and 50mm document thickness capacity and would hold approx. 300-500 paper sheets. 

• There are two main material types used for manufacturing vertical suspension files: manilla files which are made with strong manilla cardboard – they provide great reliability and are fairly cheap; the other material often used to make suspension files is polypropylene (plastic) which are extremely durable, they might be a bit more expensive than manila suspension files but their lifespan is much longer. Some vertical suspension files are also made with very strong kraft paper which is very similar in look to manila but it is even more durable. 

• Some vertical suspension files come with tabs and inserts included and have extra features: come pre-linked, with press-stud linking system or with linkable tabs; have a personalisation feature; come with double base: V-Base, that can be expanded to square base with the use of a rigid box bottom insert; some vertical suspension files feature strong steel runners and reinforced base for extra durability.

• Both A4 and foolscap suspension files are available in standard vertical and lateral versions. Standard vertical suspension files are usually accessed from the top (especially when used in desk pedestals and small size filing cabinet drawers) and they have tabs placed on top as well so that they can be quickly identified. Lateral suspension files are used in side filers - filing cabinets which are larger and can be accessed from the side and therefore the tabs and labels in such suspension files are placed on their side for convenient use. 

• Almost all vertical suspension files available on our site are equipped with tabs and card inserts so there is no need to get them separately. The most popular brands for suspension files include Elba, Esselte, Twinlock and Rexel. You can also get suspension files from economy brand Q-Connect, 5 Star which offers quality suspension files in a very competitive price range. Suspension Files can be delivered throughout the UK.