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Welcome to the HuntOffice.co.uk Ring Binders section. Here at Huntoffice we have a fantastic range of ring binders in stock. These include the ever popular A4 size as well as A3 ring binders and A5 ring binders. You can choose from a great selection of colours and some of the top quality well-known brands in our assortment include Emgee, Snopake, Concord, Guildhall, Rexel, Leitz, Elba and Eastlight. 

Ring Binders are the most widely used filing tool in offices of all sizes across the world today, mainly because of their storage capacity, because they don’t take up much space, can be stored almost anywhere and the affordable price. 

Choosing a Ring Binder: 

• Size – Before deciding on a ring binder you should first determine what size of document you will be using it for. Here on Huntoffice we have the sizes A4, A3 and A5. A4 ring binders are the most popular and most widely available. A3 ring binders are ideal for presentations or for filing documents such as invoices. The A3 ring binders we supply are available in either portrait or landscape. If you need to file smaller or more unusual sized paper, the A5 size may be more suitable.  Use the size guide below to help you find the perfect size for your needs.

• Type – There are a number of different types of ring binders. The most common and popular type is the 2 ring binder, this is because most pre punched sheets have 2 holes and the majority of people when punching documents themselves use 2 hole punches. The 2 ring binder should provide enough security of documents for most people but for those that want to store a lot of sheets in the one ring binder, then the 4 ring would add a little more security and strength in keeping all of the documents in place. Another important factor when choosing a ring binder is whether to go for an O ring or D ring binder. An O ring is the most popular and more traditional type while a D ring would have a larger capacity. If you wish to hold quite a lot of paper and use subject dividers for example, a D ring binder would be recommended. 

• Material – The ring binders available here on HuntOffice.co.uk are made with a range of different types of materials which are suitable for different uses. For those that intend on using their ring binder on frequent basis, students for example, we would recommend a durable material such as Polypropylene, Plastic or PVC. These would be more resistant to water also. For filing or archiving purposes then a traditional board or paper covered ring binder would be more than suitable. 

• Colour – We have a huge selection of bright, vibrant colours, as well as the more traditional colours to choose from. Some of these colours include blue, black, red, white, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange, grey, raspberry and lime; something to suit every taste! Available for delivery to all counties of the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.

Size Guide

Ring Binder Size
Paper Capacity (100gsm)
A3 - 30mm   300 Pages
A3 - 50mm   500 Pages
A3 - 80mm   800 Pages
A4 - 15-16mm   150-160 Pages
A4 - 20mm   200 Pages
A4 - 25mm   250 Pages
A4 - 30mm   300 Pages
A4 - 38mm   380 Pages
A4 - 40mm   400 Pages
A4 - 50mm   500 Pages
A4 - 65mm   Over 650 Pages
A5 - 15mm   150 Pages
A5 - 25mm   250 Pages