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Types of Recycled Paper        
100gsm Recycled Paper    5 Star Recycled Paper    A4 Recycled Paper 
1 Box of 2500 Sheets Recycled Paper    75gsm Recycled Paper    Navigator Recycled Paper 
1 Ream of 500 Sheets Recycled Paper    80gsm Recycled Paper    Revive Recycled Paper 
5 Reams of 500 Sheets Recycled Paper    A3 Recycled Paper     

Welcome to Huntoffice UK, where you will find a wide range of both A3 and A4 recycled paper from brands such as Navigator, Evolve and EP4. Here at Huntoffice UK we offer an impressive selection of recycled paper, most of which is made up of 100% reclaimed material.

Why choose recycled paper?

• Preserve trees and forests by choosing recycled paper. Today approximately 90 % of paper pulp is made of wood and roughly 35% of trees cut are used for paper production. For every tonne of paper that's recycled more than two tonnes of wood is saved.

• As most offices cannot operate without using paper for printing, using recycled paper is the best option to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The range of recycled paper we supply here on Huntoffice UK complies with high ecological standards and is accredited by the FSC.

• Some people may be under the misconception that recycled paper is an off white or grey colour, has a short life with a poor quality and feel. This was the case when recycled paper first came onto the market but not anymore as most modern recycled paper are of the highest quality and often indistinguishable from other office paper. With most recycled paper now it is almost impossible to tell by looking at it whether it's recycled or not, making it very suitable for daily office and home use.

• In the not so distant past recycled paper was often very expensive which may have put people off purchasing it. In recent times this has been changing quite a bit and here on Huntoffice you will find that our range of recycled paper is one of the most competitively priced in the UK. By using recycled paper along with other measures you can dramatically reduce your paper use and office waste, saving you money in the long run.

• All of the recycled paper available here on Huntoffice UK is guaranteed to maintain the highest print quality standards on all office mono and colour printers without any environmental compromises. The recycled paper is available from 75gsm weight right up to a premium 165gsm and in reams of 500 to a large box of 2500 sheets.