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Need Permanent Markers for your home or your office? Permanent markers are waterproof and contain three main ingredients, a colorant, solvent and a resin. The three ingredients together give the permanent markers their individual colour, ensure the ink is transferred to the surface correctly and sticks to it. Permanent markers are extremely versatile as unlike other markers, they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces which includes glass, metal, plastic, wood, china, film, card, CD’s, DVD’s and many more. For this reason they are a popular choice and used on a daily basis in homes, educational facilities and offices across the country. Here on Hunt Office you will find a large selection of permanent markers in a range of colours and with a choice of different tips. 

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• Types of Permanent Markers – Permanent markers come in a range of different tip sizes to suit writing on almost any surface from very fine bullet tips which would be suitable for writing on small surfaces such as paper to wide bullet tipped permanent markers ideal for writing on posters, boxes and other large areas. We also have a selection of permanent markers with a chisel tip. Chisel tipped permanent markers give precision results and they are designed for technical drawing and artistic purposes etc. 

• Colours – Whatever the purpose, whether you need permanent markers for a presentation at work, creating promotional signs or simply to label items such as boxes etc. we will have a colour to suit. As well as the usual black, red, blue and green we also have an assorted wallet of berry, orange, lime and turquoise mini permanent markers from the brand Sharpie. 

As permanent markers are more difficult to remove, care should be taken when using them to avoid contact with skin, clothes or any surface you don’t want a mark. Special care should be taken especially to avoid contact with skin as permanent markers can cause a serious allergic reaction if they get in contact with sensitive skin. If a permanent marker stain ends up somewhere you don’t want it, there are a few ways to remove it. Rubbing alcohol or nail polish can help to remove the stain. 

Here on Huntoffice you will find an impressive selection of permanent markers all from top quality brands such as Sharpie, Staedtler, Uni Posca, Bic, Papermate, Pentel, Stablio and Berol, all available with delivery throughout the UK, including to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.