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For most people a notepad or notebook is an essential office product you can’t live without.  If you are suddenly called into a meeting you can just grab your notepad or notebook and use to take notes.  If you are attending college or university in the UK or London a paper notepad for taking notes is still a popular option even with the introduction of tablets.

Many people carry around small notebooks for recording notes and thoughts throughout the day. Instead of a diary some people prefer to use a hardback notebook as they can write in the date, they are not restricted to a certain page limits for a particular day, they can use to record daily tasks lists as well as minutes from meeting etc

At we have a wide selection of notepads and refill pads from well-known brands like Silvine, Oxford, Summit, Black n Red, Goldline…..

We supply notebooks and notepads in a variety of sizes including A4, A5, A6 and many more sizes.  The size of your notebook depends on its functions, if you use your notebook for taking notes and you travel a lot then an A5 notebook might suffice however if you use for drawings etc then an A4 notepad might be more suitable.

When buying a notebook or notepad you can choose from wirebound and casebound style. 

Wirebound notebooks
and notepads are excellent if want to have an option of easily tearing out pages, some even come with micro perforated sheets making it easier to tear out pages.  Wire bound notebooks can be laid out flat or folded on one side.

Casebound notebooks
are ideal if you want a more permanent record of your notes as the pages will not easily tear out.

Advantages of paperback notebooks:

• Paperback notebooks are generally cheaper than hardback notebooks.
• Paperback notebooks are lighter and easier to carry around.

Advantages of hardback notebooks:

• If you write important notes in your notebook and plan on keeping for a long time then it makes sense to get a durable hardback note book.
• If you are visiting clients and you want to have a professional looking notebook then a hardback notebook may be more suitable.
• If you do a lot of travelling then a hardback notebook is ideal as paperback notebooks may get damaged when put into your bag with other items.