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Franken Table Projection Screen PRO W:600xH:450mm Format 4:3 XTL12

Franken Table Projection Screen PRO W:600xH:450mm Format 4:3 XTL12

RRP: £113.99
£91.11 ex vat
£109.33 inc vat
Franken Portable Projection Screen ValueLine W:1600xH:1600mm Format 1:1 LWM21616

Franken Portable Projection Screen ValueLine W:1600xH:1600mm …

RRP: £274.99
£219.69 ex vat
£263.63 inc vat
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• Projector screens are especially designed to work with DLP and LCD projectors. If you want to achieve the best picture and image quality when using a projector you should definitely consider getting a professional projector screen. The surface on which images are projected has a significant influence on the picture quality and as much as a white piece of wall or a white bed sheet might seem like a very cost effective solution, the colours might not be reflected properly, overall quality can be extremely poor and even high end projector won’t be able to produce a great image. Professional projector screens guarantee that the projector is working at its best performance. 

• One of the first things that are considered when looking for a projector screen is its size. If you are not sure what size is the right one for your room and audience you can follow the rule of thumb which says that the minimum distance between the screen and the user should be at least 2.5 times of the screen’s height; he maximum distance then is about 7.5 times of the screen’s height. Such distances provide the optimum viewing display range and allow comfortable capturing of the whole screen and seeing all the details. Such guideline works for projector screens used in offices and home environments. 

• Depending on the way you intent to use a projector screen there are few options to consider. If the projector screen is used very often you might choose a fixed screen that will be accessible at all times and has a longer life span; the downsides of such screen are that it is always visible and might require more cleaning. The most popular and versatile option is a roll down projector screen – these screens do not take up too much space and can be quickly and easily hidden when it’s not being used. You can choose between manual pull down screens and electric roll down screens. If you do presentations in various locations your best choice might be a tripod or a pull up projector screen. Such portable projector screens are lightweight and easy to set up and at the same time they come with a large high quality display area. 

• Most modern projector screens use matt white surfaces as this is the type of material which delivers the best performance in terms of colour reproduction, resolution and viewing angle. The range of Nobo projector screens that are available on our site all have a white matt display surface to get the best quality picture and images. Available for delivery throughout the UK, including to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.