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Everyone whose work involves dealing with paper documents should find an efficient and secure way of disposing them, especially if the documents contain data and information that we wish to keep confident. The most common way of disposing paper documents by professionals is by using a paper shredder which help protect against identity fraud and prevent data from being passed to third parties. In the UK criminals target individuals and businesses and the costs run into billions of pounds every year.

Shredding documents that contain personal or sensitive information is the best way to prevent this crime, a cross cut shredder is typically used for more sensitive information. There is a wide range of shredders ideal for single users at home as well as large volume machines built for continuous use in offices, federal institutions or commercial institutions. Some of the most popular shredders used throughout England would be Fellowes shredders and Rexel shredders.

Shredders may also be used for paper recycling purposes and waste materials reduction to help the environment. This shredded paper can produce packaging material. Small businesses in the UK have been created from shredding paper and making packaging materials. They provide shredding services to businesses and home users.

Maintenance of a paper shredder is highly important to keep your shredder working at maximum efficiency and avoid malfunctions. We provide a range of shredder accessories which are esential for smooth operation of your machine, such as shredder oil and bags.

Select the correct shredder
1. To select the right shredder, keep in mind how often the shredder will be used
2. The level of security required.

Paper jams and constant usage of your machine can significantly reduce the life of your shredder. So an important point to keep in mind is that you must consider how much shredding work you're going to do with your office shredder.
Shredder Security Levels Explained

DIN - Deutsche Industrial Norm
DIN 32757- is the security level of shredders and its been divided in 6 levels.

Level 1 = 12 mm (DIN 1)
Ideal for home users. DIN 1 Machines will shred into long strips shredding an A3 paper into approximately 80 parts. If you’re a home user looking to shred unwanted paper this would be ideal and affordable for any home user.

Level 2 = 6 mm (DIN 2)
Still for home users but slightly improved security level for users of more sensitive information that needs to be discarded.

Level 3 = 2 mm (DIN 3)
Level 3 shredders cut paper into Cross-Cut or confetti cut particles. Level 3 is recommended for all important documents such as bank statements, utility bills etc.

Level 4 = 2 x 15 mm (DIN 4)
This level is recommended for confidential documents, which may include documents that would threaten identity or commercail safety.

Level 5 = 0.8 x 12 (DIN 5) This level is for highly confidential documentation used in government and army intitutions.

Level 6 = 0.8 x 4 (DIN 6)
An unofficial sized shredder specially designed to shred a piece of a4 paper in millions of shreds leaving no trace.