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Contour Ergonomics Single Monitor Arm Black CE04631

Contour Ergonomics Single Monitor Arm Black CE04631

RRP: £142.45
£85.90 ex vat
£103.08 inc vat
Contour Ergonomics Double Monitor Arm Black CE04632

Contour Ergonomics Double Monitor Arm Black CE04632

RRP: £242.98
£149.95 ex vat
£179.94 inc vat
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• With all the amount of office equipment and stationery that can be found on a typical work desk it is sometimes hard to find the necessary working space without having to dig through all the items that take up the space. Using a monitor arm is a convenient way of freeing up the desk space and also improving the comfort of work. 

• Having a monitor placed directly on a desk top takes a lot of precious space both directly in front of you as well as the space behind the monitor. Even though most of places use LCD monitors which are fairly compact in size you need to keep the screen 40 to 50cm away from your eyes to provide the most efficient visibility. This means that even though such monitors don’t require a lot of room behind them like CRT monitors, you are still going to lose the space that is within your arms reach and could have been used for some other purposes. Monitor arms allow using all the space that is typically used by a monitor by elevating the screen above the desk surface level – a monitor arm only requires little room at the back or side edge of the desk to mount the clamp which is holding the arm onto it. 

• Apart from providing extra space on the desk, monitor arms have major health related benefits. Having a monitor located directly on the desk has a lot of limitations in terms of adjustability to user’s requirements and preferences. It is extremely difficult to set the height and distance in a way that would prevent the user from leaning forward to check some details on the screen or keeping the head in bended position. Having a monitor arm in place makes it easy to maintain a proper position when working at a desk. 

• Monitor arms are great to use in places where workstations are used by multiple users – easy and quick adjustability allows each user to individually position the monitor at the most preferable height and distance. Monitor arms are also handy for sharing information with other users as you can tilt the screen towards them or lift the screen up so that multiple users can view it as well. 

• Good quality monitor arms should be adjustable in multiple ways – 360 degrees tilt movement, height adjustability, viewing angle adjustability, distance setting – these are all the features that an ergonomic monitor arm should provide.