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Magazine racks are definitely one of the most useful desk accessories and help the user to tidy the desk space and organise documents or files. While all magazine racks incorporate similar functions and allow holding A4 and foolscap size documents the choice of designs and colours is extremely versatile. Various styles and finishing of magazine racks let you choose a really personalised product that will suit your taste and preferences. 

• Plastic magazine racks - the most popular type of magazine racks and that is where you have the greatest choice of styles and colours. Apart from various textures and physical properties that plastic magazine racks have they all have one thing in common – they are very robust and have a long lifespan. When it comes to design you can choose between basic magazine racks which have plain flat surfaces or with a thumb hole for easy removal of the documents. There are also racks which have a curvy, irregular or straight shape. The selection of colours includes single colour racks and two tone ones; most of plastic magazine racks are opaque but you can also find racks made of transparent plastic in various colour options. 

• Cardboard magazine racks – these are a great option for users who prefer their office products to be environment friendly as cardboard racks can be easily recycled and also some models are already made using recycled materials. Cardboard magazine racks are also handy in terms of storage as they can be stored flat when not in use. The cardboard used to manufacture magazine racks is very robust which means such racks can be used for extended periods of time. 

• Mesh wire magazine racks – this is a nice option as these racks look very elegant and sturdy as the sides are made of a metal wire mesh and the other elements are also metal. Mesh magazine racks can be used for numerous years without any change in their appearance. 

Most of office supplies manufacturers have a range of magazine racks but there are definitely few that are really standing out with the quality and the design of their products. Avery has an impressive range of magazine racks that can purchased individually or in bulk packs. If you want to get a cardboard magazine rack you might have a look at products made by R-Kive which is the leading brand in cardboard archive products worldwide. delivers throughout the UK, including to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast.