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HP White Office A4 Paper 80gsm Pack of 2500

HP White Office A4 Paper 80gsm Pack of 2500

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Inkjet Paper
Want to buy inkjet paper in the UK? Here at, we provide a range of paper that is designed to work with all inkjet machines. Inkjet paper can absorb a lot of ink without soaking which is especially important when printing images, pictures, info graphics or any other objects that apply a lot of ink on the sheet. Inkjet paper can absorb ink without any deformations of the print and provide highest quality end results. Our offer includes inkjet paper form HP, Navigator, 5 Star and Epson.

Why should I purchase my Inkjet Paper supplies from Huntoffice UK?
• Whether you are a home office or business customer, we can supply you with all your inkjet paper needs to any location within the United Kingdom from our regional depots in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
• We offer free delivery to customers within Great Britain once the value of your order has exceeded our minimum order threshold. Note* (free delivery may not include areas such as remote Highlands and Islands. Please contact our sales team for further details)
 • Our website has been designed to the highest level of Online Security. We do not store any of your personal credit card details thus, ensuring a completely secure online shopping experience

Choosing Inkjet Paper
In the Huntoffice UK Inkjet Paper store, you will find both A4 and A3 paper sizes which can be purchased in a number of different weights from 90gsm up to 160gsm. The number of pages per Ream ranges from 50 sheets to 500 sheets per pack.
All our inkjet paper range has been manufactured so as to prevent smudging. Anti smudging technology allows the ink to soak and store in the paper so the ink will dry quickly on the surface of the sheet. Inkjet paper differs from multifunction paper when it comes to the printing images. Normal multifunction paper is sufficient if you are printing text only. Images printed on multifunction paper often lead to poor image quality due to the high level of absorbency needed to display the image correctly.  The issue of multifunction sheet absorbency becomes even more problematic when you require double sided printing. Therefore, it is highly recommend that you use heavier Inkjet paper if you frequently print images as well as text.
The technology used in the manufacturing of inkjet paper allows for fade free printing. Printed documents may last 20 – 30 years longer on Inkjet paper than it would on regular copier paper. This gives inkjet paper a significant advantage over regular paper when you wish to store important documents over an extended period of time.
Inkjet paper can be broken down into 3 main finishes.

Glossy – Glossy inkjet paper is ideal if you wish to print photo quality images.

Semi Glossy – Semi Glossy paper is ideal if you are looking to present a professional finish to business documents that have both text and images. Semi Glossy is less shiny than glossy paper but smoother than Matte paper.

Matte – Matte paper has little or no shine so it is ideal if you work in an environment where light reflection may be an issue such as under bright wall / ceiling lights.
Note - please click on the following link to display Glossy and Semi Glossy Inkjet photo paper - Photo Paper


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