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Looking for Flip Chart Easels? You’ve come to the right place. Here on HuntOffice.co.uk we have an impressive selection of flip chart easels of various styles and sizes. Flip chart easels are used to hold flipchart pads in place. Flip chart pads are attached to the flip chart easel; each sheet is then flipped over to the other side of the easel once it’s finished with. Flipcharts are great for meetings, flowcharts or recording action items. We supply a range of flip chart easels from brands which include Nobo, 5 Star, Quartet and Bi-Office. We have standard tripod flip chart easels and for extra portability we provide flip chart easels with telescopic legs. We also have a selection of flip chart easels with a drywipe magnetic writing surface for extra convenience. 

More about Flip Chart Easels available on HuntOffice.co.uk: 

• Flip chart easels are designed to hold flip chart pads securely in place allowing the pad to be written on easily. Flip chart easels are widely used for presentations, gathering information at meetings and training purposes mainly because they are so portable. Flip chart easels can be easily set up and once finished with, they can be folded up again, moved where needed and they can also be stored quite easily if space is limited. They are extremely portable and also available here on Hunt Office is the Nobo carrying case especially for Nobo flip chart easels, making it even easier to move the flip chart from location to location. 

• Another great benefit of flip chart easels is that they are suitable for any height. The legs of flip chart easels have a range of different height settings so they can be adjusted to suit the height of the person using it. 

• Many flip chart easels are not only designed to hold flip chart pads but also double as a magnetic dry wipe board. These are particularly suitable for busy training areas. As well as having a magnetic dry wipe board, these flip chart easels also feature extending side arms which allows for display of information on the flip chart pad as well as on the dry wipe board. There are a number of these all in one flip chart easels available here on HuntOffice.co.uk from the brands Nobo and 5 Star. Available for delivery to all counties in the UK, including to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.