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A well stocked first aid kit will allow you to respond to an emergency situation quickly. In the event of an emergency it is important to have your first aid supplies close to hand, and to know how to use them. Create your own first aid kit with the first aid supplies available here at HuntOffice. Supplies such as, bandages and dressings along with adhesive tape to secure the bandages. It is also very important to have a first aid scissors. Hot and cold packs are use to deal with swelling and bruising and our range of eye care products can be utilised in the event of accidental splashes in the eyes. Popular brands available include Wallace Cameron, 3M, First Aid. So whether you want to create your own specialised first aid kit or simply re-stock your existing first aid kit you can choose from a wide range of great value first aid supplies at with fast express delivery across Dublin and the whole of the UK.

What supplies should be in a first aid kit?

Depending on how many people are employed, various amounts of the supplies listed below should be stocked. It is recommended that all first aid kits are in a clean, waterproof container to keep the contents safe and aseptic. First aid supplies should be checked regularly and restocked if any items are missing, damaged or expired out of date. Extra first aid materials and supplies can be added depending on the requirements of the business or individual e.g. hot/cold packs, thermometer, defibrillator etc.

The basic contents for first aid kits as recommended by the HSA are as follows:

Number of Contents
  1-10 Persons 11-25 Persons 26-50 Persons
  • Adhesive plasters
20 20 40
  • Individually wrapped triangular bandages
2 6 6
  • Individually wrapped dressings (Medium)
2 2 4
  • Individually wrapped dressings (Large)
2 6 8
  • Individually wrapped dressings (Extra Large)
2 3 4
  • Safety Pins
6 6 6
  • Sterile eye pads
2 2 4
  • Individually wrapped disinfectant wipes
10 20 40
  • Shears (Scissors)
1 1 1
  • Gloves
5 10 10
  • Sterile water (where there is no clear running water)
1 x 500ml 2 x 500ml 2 x 500ml
  • Burns dressing
1 1 1
  • Crepe bandage
1 2 3



Here's what our customers are saying...

Helen Daly  
Wallace Cameron First-Aid Tough Cut Scissors
  This Is A Very Good Sissors!   
  "I purchased a first aid kit and I was looking for a scissors and I came across these unusual looking scissors, I looked them up online and seemingly they're the proper medical scissors designed for cutting bandages, clothes in emergencies etc. Basically the bottom blade is blunt and angled so it glides against the skin when cutting bandages. I haven't had to use it but with these tuff scissors you're less likely to cut the skin when cutting bandages."  
Click Medical TuffCutt 7 inch Scissors Black Pack of 10 Ref CM0466
  Great Value!   
  "These are extra tough sissors and great value in this multiple pack"  
Sharp Blunt Scissors Stainless Steel 13cm 4825001
  Ideal For My Uniform Pocket! 
  "As a nurse I neede a sissors that wont damage my uniform as it stays in my pocket. This one is perfect. Great secection at Hunt Office."  
Tanya Parkes  
Wallace Cameron First Aid Body Fluid Kit Piccolo Dispenser Up to 5 Person
  Essential Addition!  
  "Being one of the first aiders for a large department store it is vital that we are well prepared for any accidents. This body fluid kit dispenser comes stocked with gloves, wipes, oversleeves, disinfectant spray and even a biohazard bag, pretty much everything you need to ensure the safe disposal of body fluid without the risk of infection to the person cleaning it. The body fluid dispenser is definitely used at least once a week so it's an essential addition along with our Wallace Cameron first aid kit."  
Super Absorbent Body Fluid Granules 500g Shaker 1011037
  Makes For Safe Easier Clean Up  
"Ideal for disinfection of bodily fluids even blood, the powder forms a gel when poured on bodily fluids. Makes for safe easier clean up"
Body Fluid Disposal Kit Single Use
  Simple Solution  
  "Simple solution for Body Fluid Clean up. Works well for us"  
Kevin, Dublin, the UK  
Wallace Cameron First Aid Body Fluid Kit Piccolo Dispenser Up to 5 Person
  Top Product!  
  "Im a manager of the busy night club in Dublin. I know we always try to have fun night out, but it is always some accidents happening, my staff need to deal with cleaning premises after various situations... i made sure that our boss gets good few of these Wallace Cameron body fluid first aid kits for accidents involving blood... and the rest. It is my responsability to insure safety of my staff when accidents like that occur and this body fluid first aid kit is crucial to have it available for them to use."  
Click Medical Response Body Fluid Spill Kit Two Applications Ref CM0605
  Good Value  
  "We keep this with our main first aid kit due to the nature of out work"  
Ian, the UK  
Wallace Cameron First Aid Body Fluid Kit Piccolo Dispenser Up to 5 Person
  Great Product, Good Value!  
  "We have opened recently homeless people shelter to help all the troubled people possible, we have the door open to everyone and as you can imagine various accidents always occur. We always have this Wallace Cameron Piccolo body fluid kit available for the various accidents to insure health and safety of our hard working staff and other people in homeless people shelter. Great product, very cheap here in, so it really helps with our costs"