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Huntoffice UK welcomes you to the Fax Machines and Supplies section of our website. We are the UK’s #1 webstore for fax machines and for fax machine consumables. We deliver all over the United Kingdom. So if you are based in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff or Belfast and you are looking to purchase top quality fax machines and fax accessories at low low prices, then you have come to the right place.

Why should I buy my fax machines and supplies from Huntoffice UK?

• We deliver to home office or business customers

• Completely secure online shopping

•  Flexible returns policy

•  Choice of payment options

•  The HuntOffice.co.uk 1 year guarantee

Choosing a fax machine – In an age of emails and instant messaging, fax machines have remained an important business tool for UK companies. Fax machines allow companies to send POD’s, contracts and other documents to recipients over conventional telephone lines. Over the years, fax machines have a proven track record for reliability and speed. Simultaneously, the cost of purchasing a fax machine has dropped significantly to a point where they are no longer considered a main stay of larger organisations. Fax machines can now be found in most small and home offices in Great Britain.

Here at Huntoffice UK, we have Laser, Thermal and Inkjet fax machines from leading companies such as Philips, Xerox, Brother, Canon & Samsung.

Thermal Fax Machines

Thermal fax machines have been on the market since the 1970’s. They use heat technology to transfer text and images from the fax head onto thermochromic paper. As the paper passes the thermal head, the special coating on the paper turns black where heat is applied. The paper used in thermal printing is supplied in rolls rather than single sheets.

While thermal fax machines are widely considered to be dependable for print quality and offer value for money, they have received criticism for the noise they produce while in operation.

Inkjet Fax Machines

Inkjet fax machines are ideal for low volume printing. The recommend printing volume is between 1 – 30 faxes per day.  Most smaller businesses or home users choose inkjets as they are inexpensive and easy to use.  The print quality of inkjet faxes is usually better than those of thermal faxes. A typical inkjet fax cartridge contains approx. 350 to 400 pages. If your business receives more than 30 faxes per day, it is advisable to purchase a laser fax machine as it can become costly to regularly replace used ink cartridges.

Laser Fax Machines

Laser fax machines are the perfect solution if your business receives a large volume of faxes every day. They have proven to be more robust than Inkjet fax models over extend periods of use. The majority of Inkjet models will falter when used continuously as the components such as the gear or belt are not designed to handle large workloads. If a component within an inkjet model fails, it is rarely worth replacing as it would cost an equivalent price to buy a brand new fax machine. For this reason, many larger companies will benefit from buying a laser fax machine.

Laser cartridges have a print capacity of a few thousand pages and have a faster printing speed. The quality of prints is also greater than that of the thermal or inkjet fax machine.