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Choosing the correct filter type is vital.
There are 3 main filter types:
• Particle filter (P sign and filtration efficiency number 1, 2 or 3)
• Gas/vapour filter
• Combined filters (for particles, gases & vapours)

Particle filters are divided into three classes:
• P1: low efficiency filters
• P2: medium efficiency filters
• P3: high efficiency filters
Gas/Vapour filters are also divided into three classes:
• A1/B1:low capacity filter
• A2/B2: medium capacity filters
• A3/B3: high capacity filters
These can then further divided according to the gases they protect against.
Filters can also be combined or multi type.
For further information refer to IS EN 133 Respiratory Protective Devices-Classification.

Maintenance is a requirement for all RPE, except for disposable (single use) RPE,and should be carried out by properly trained personnel.
Filters only have a limited lifespan, and should be changed when necessary to make sure the RPE device can remain effective.
Use the appropriate cleaning materials and disinfectants
Key maintenance tasks include:
•Changing any replaceable filters
•Cleaning the device
•Valve maintenance and replacement
•Checking the straps for damage
•Checking the battery charge and flow rate for powered devices.