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Desk Accessories welcomes you to the Desk Accessories section of our website. Huntoffice UK is the premier office supplies company in the United Kingdom. We stock and sell over 20,000 office accessories and general purpose supplies to businesses, government agencies and home users.

Anyone who spends time working at a home or office desk will recognise the need to have the desk organised and decluttered. Having a neat and tidy desk can lead to better productivity and reduced stress levels.

With this in mind, Huntoffice have selected the UK’s favourite desk top accessories from leading brands such as Avery, CEP, Durable, 5 Star and Rexel. In addition, to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, we have divided Desk Accessories into a variety of categories so you can find exactly what you looking for with a click of the mouse.

Desk Tidies –Are you tired of seeing your biros and pens rolling off your desk and onto the floor or maybe you are looking for a specific place to store the countless bits and bobs that end up on your desk every day. Then a desk tidy might be the perfect solution you have been searching for. Here at Huntoffice UK, we stock Desk Tidies, Pencil Pots, Cube Organisers, Drawers and Post-it Note Holders.

Document & Desk Sorters – If you work in a busy office environment, you will appreciate the need to constantly sort and store documents that arrive on your desk throughout the day. If you neglect sorting and storing documents, within a short period of time, these documents can get misplaced and mixed in with other unrelated files and folders.

Desktop Filing Drawers – this useful desk accessory is ideal when you are working on a number of different tasks at the same time. Once you have finished one task you can store documents relating to it in one drawer and start working with documents and tasks from another drawer. Desktop Filing Drawers are perfect for short to medium term storage.

Book Racks – make additional space on your desk by using a book rack. Book racks can be used for storing magazines, level arch files, A4 folders and various sized books.

Bookends – keep you books tidy and compact with a pair of bookends.  Stops books from falling over and making a sudden loud noise. Suitable for schools, offices, libraries etc.

Copyholders – Do you often spend time typing from hardcopies or physical documents? Copyholders make typing from hardcopies faster and easier as they allow you the flexibility to adjust the position of the item you are typing from to a more user friendly viewing angle.

Desk Blotters – Desk blotters are a great desk accessory when you need to protect your desk from ink stains and scratch marks. Many business owners use them to protect expensive office desks or meeting tables. 

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