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A paper cutter also known as paper guillotine are useful tools generally used in offices or classroom in the UK to cut a large volume of paper at once so that the paper has a straight edge, paper cutters can be also used to trim book edges or trim a photographs into the perfect size.  A paper guillotine generally has a clamp for holding down the paper, the guillotine has a handle with a blade underneath used for cutting the paper.

Some of the most popular brands of paper trimmers in the UK are Avery, Dahle, HSM

A paper trimmer is normally used for trimming smaller amounts of paper or for trimming flyers and posters.

Tips when choosing a paper cutter or trimmers

• Decide on what you will be cutting?  Depending on what you are cutting will depend on the type of machine you buy.  You may wish to cut paper or photographs.

• What volume do you require to cut?  Some paper trimmers only cut a few sheets at once however larger trimmers and guillotines can cut volumes of paper.  Make sure your new cutters or guillotine is capable of cutting the volumes of paper you need.

• What size of paper will you be cutting?  Paper trimmers and guillotines come in many different size include A4 up to A2

• When purchasing a paper cutters quality is very important, if the blade is poor quality the trimmers will not work well over time.  Research before buying, check out other customer reviews, ensure your paper cutter comes with a warranty.

• As a paper cutter is a sharp instrument safety is very important, many paper cutters now come with safety features so ensure you purchase a paper cutter with plenty of safety features

Safey tips for using your paper cutter

• Always check the safety features before buying the paper cutter

• Make sure the paper cutter is well maintained and that no safety feature is broken

• Make sure the paper cutter is located on a table with plenty of space and in a location that has little traffic.

• Always train new employees on how to use the paper cutter.