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Counterfeit detectors

Welcome to the Huntoffice UK webstore for Counterfeit detectors. is a leading online seller of office stationery and general provisions to customers living in the United Kingdom. We supply our range of products to offices, industry, educational institutes, health care facilities and home users to name but a few. Our advanced back office system facilitates same day dispatch on orders purchased online before 4.30pm. For the customer, this means they will receive their order within 24 – 48 hours from the time the order is placed (applies to stocked items and excludes weekends and public holidays).

Most UK businesses are well aware of the threat caused by the circulation of counterfeit money into the UK marketplace. Each year many of these businesses are defrauded by crafty conmen who pass off fake £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 pound notes to unsuspecting cashiers. The cost to individual businesses can be detrimental, especially to new start-ups or businesses which are struggling to make ends meet due to the current economic climate. Therefore, the need for counterfeit detectors has never been greater.

As the volume of counterfeit notes in circulation increases, our sales team have noticed a recent trend of home owners purchasing counterfeit devises to ensure they remain protected from fraudsters who call to their residents posing as door to door sales men.

Here at the Huntoffice Uk counterfeit detector webstore, we have a range of fraud detectors machines to help you combat the scourge of fake money. Our range of counterfeit money detectors includes Ultra Violet Lamps, Security Marking &Counterfeit Pens.

• Counterfeit detector pens are a fast, reliable and inexpensive method of detecting phoney bank notes. The pen contains an iodine solution that reacts with the starch in wood-based paper to create a black stain on a fake note. When the pen is used on a genuine bank note, the iodine solution will not react as the paper used in real notes is made of a fiber based material rather than wood based starch.

• UV (Ultra Violet) money detectors work by highlighting images on a bank note which are invisible to the naked eye. Besides the hidden image, the UV light will show specs of printer toner around the image which occur during the printing process. The UV detectors are very accurate and easy to use. Many retailers and financial institutions already use these on a daily basis. We supply both battery operated and mains operate ‘Black Light’ lamps.

• Magnetic Detection or MG detection devises work by running a bank note through a device which identifies traces of magnetic particles which are only found in real notes. If the note is a fake, the magnetic detection device will alarm.

Remember to always be vigilant to the threat posed by counterfeit money. If in doubt, you can allows use old fashioned detection methods such as checking for watermarks on the note, feel the texture of the note for raised contours and place the note up to a source of light while rotating it back and forth as you check for colour emblems on the metallic strip.