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Computer accessories

Welcome to the Computer Accessories store. If you live in Wales, Scotland, England or Northern Ireland and you are looking for new accessories for your PC or Laptop, then you have come to the right place. The team at Huntoffice UK have carried out in-depth research on all of the products contained within our Computer accessories category. We are confident that the computer accessories listed are manufactured to highest international quality standards ensuring that your overall computer experience is greatly enhanced.

For your convenience, we have divided the category into the following subcategories.

• Computer Keyboard

• Computer Monitors 

• Computer Mouse  

• Headsets

• PC Speakers 

• Webcams  

• Mouse Mat  

• Screen Filters 

• Wrist Rests  

• Surge Protectors 

• Monitor & Laptop Stands  

• Monitor Arms 

• CPU Holders  

• Computer Security Cables & Locks 

• Computer Covers  

Computer Keyboard – If you are looking for a new keyboard for your computer, you will find the perfect solution in the Computer Keyboard section. We have keyboards for all budgets. We stock wireless and USB connected keyboards from market leading brands such as Microsoft, Logitech, Kensington and Fellowes.

Computer Monitors – If you need to make additional space on your desk. Why not substitute your old bulky computer monitor for a brand new Widescreen LED Monitor. We stock 19”,22” & 24” inch high resolution screens.

Computer Mouse - Like a magic wand in a children’s fairy tale, a computer mouse makes your computer come alive with a click of a button. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct mouse for your requirements. If you spend a lot of your day scrolling through documents, then we advise you purchase a mouse with a ‘Scroll Wheel’. On the other hand, if you are person who regularly uses their computer for playing games or operating specific computer programs that require a lot of human interaction, then the Logitech M570 mouse with wireless Trackball technology may take your computer interactions to a whole new level.

PC Speakers – Quite often, the built in speakers which  come as standard on most computers are not powerful enough to be satisfactory for everyday use such as playing music, watching movies or taking online conference calls. If you have encountered such problems, then a small investment in a set of PC Speakers could make a world of difference.

Screen Filters – We stock screen filters for major computer brands such as 5 Star, 3M & Compucessory. The two main reasons for purchasing a screen filter include eliminating over 99% of UVA/B radiation which you are exposed to as you sit in front of your computer screen and ensuring extra privacy while you work on your PC or laptop in a public place. Privacy filters work by narrowing the viewing angles so as to restrict the vision of people not sitting directly in front of the screen.

Wrist Rests- There is a number of ergonomic reasons for using a wrist rest while working on a computer.

• Wrist rests keep your wrist straight as you type.

• They make the process of typing more comfortable

• Alleviates tension and tiredness from the shoulders and neck

• Keep hands from dropping off the edge of the keyboard and onto the desk

• Reduces irritation of the tendons within the wrists.