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  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems
  • Commandoor Operable Wall Systems

Commandoor Operable Wall Systems

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- Commandoor Operable Wall Systems

Commandoor Operable Wall Systems

The Commandoor is a moveable wall comprising two sheets of safety glass, encapsulated by aluminium profiles which ensure structural stability. Consistent with traditional moveable walls, the Commandoor is delivered with the Multi Electric system as standard. Factory crafted double glazing enhances the acoustic insulation. The permutations of profile finishes and glazing types are endless and result in a functional and stylish piece of engineering. The Commandoor wall system is the ultimate operable wall system developed from years of research and testing. The fully self-supporting aluminium frame can be fitted with various thicknesses of laminated and toughened glass. These moveable wall systems can achieve very high levels of soundproofing by automatically extending pressure seals around the frame for a tight fit. There are a number of different finishes and looks for this highly flexible wall system to suit your individual needs and match the design of any room.

Commandoor has two models:

  • Commandoor U, with edge protection aluminium profiles
  • Commandoor K, with inlaid aluminium profiles

Type K

  • When the wall is closed, there are no visible aluminium profiles
  • Double internal rubber sealing strips
  • ABS edgings to match the colour of the wall
  • Solid edges are optional
  • Approximately 4 mm shadow gap between the closed panels

Type U

  • Edge protection aluminium profiles
  • When the wall is closed, there is 6 mm of visible aluminium profiles

Frame construction 
Fully self-supporting aluminium frame construction. The panel connections consist of vertical aluminium panel side profiles, E6/EV anodised. Vertical aluminium profiles can be colour coated as an option.

6, 8 and 10 mm laminated or toughened glass.


  • Etched glass
  • Sand-blasted glass
  • Silk-screened glass
  • Fire-retardant glass
  • Bulletproof glass

Aluminium track in standard colour RAL 9010. All other colours are available upon request.

Running gear 
Bearing rollers with high-quality roller technology have been specially developed for the Multiwal moveable walls. Combined with an ingenious aluminium track system, the panels can be easily moved.

Panel height adjustment 
Panel height is fully adjustable without dismantling the main assembly. Disturbing the ceiling finish is not necessary to fine tune the panels.

Vertical interface 
Concave/convex aluminium profiles guarantee that the seal is effective and insulates properly. The solid and precise connection between the panels is achieved by means of strong, full height magnetic strips and purpose made sound sealing strips located on the inner face.

Electrical contacts 
Specially developed low voltage electrical contacts are housed in unique concave/convex aluminum profiles that guarantee ease of operation and an uninterrupted and safe electrical flow between the panels.

Horizontal closing 
To obtain the best soundproofing effect, the wall must fit tightly against the floor and ceiling. To achieve this, the moveable walls have a Multi Electric system used to extend the pressure seals, which have flexible rubber pads. The pressure seals naturally compensate for possible unevenness in the floor.

Pressure seals 
Each panel is fitted with black anodised pressure seals at the top and bottom. The compressive force of 2 kN/m² can be tuned by the microprocessor.

Commandoor U/K
Panel thickness 90 - 100 mm 
Soundproofing: Rw, P 40, 42 and 44 dB 
Rw, P 46 - 50 dB*

Sound Proofing
DIN EN 10140-2 / 20140-3, laboratory values 

Surface weight 30 - 50 kg/m2 depending on the sound insulation

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Commandoor Operable Wall Systems