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Types of Coloured Paper
1 Ream of 500 Sheets Coloured Paper   Datacolours Coloured Paper
5 Star Coloured Paper   Green Coloured Paper
80gsm Coloured Paper   Grey Coloured Paper
A3 Coloured Paper   Ivory Coloured Paper
A4 Coloured Paper   Orange Coloured Paper
Assorted Coloured Paper   Pink Coloured Paper
Blue Coloured Paper   Violet Coloured Paper
Canon Coloured Paper   Yellow Coloured Paper
Cream Coloured Paper    

• What is coloured paper? Coloured paper is the same type of paper as the one you usually use to print, with the only difference being various colours that it is available in. The colour pigment is added to the tree pulp during manufacturing process, which guarantees long lasting and permanent effect. In general, coloured paper has the same physical properties as white printer paper and therefore it can be used for the same purposes. 

• Can I use coloured paper with any printer? The coloured paper range that you can buy here is designed to be used with all inkjet and laser printers or photocopiers; it weights 80gsm which is the standard weight of paper used commonly for printing purposes worldwide. Such weight means that the paper can be smoothly passed through the printer from the feeder and onto document trays without causing paper jams. 

• What can use coloured paper for? The main use of coloured paper is printing documents at office or home. Invitations, flyers, presentations and any other printed documents that you want to stand out, can be printed on such paper. It is also popular in schools and preschools for arts and crafts projects. It is worth remembering that 80gsm paper is not heavy duty and has some limitations when used for constructing. 

• What sizes is coloured paper available in? Coloured paper that you can buy on our site comes in standard A4 size and there is also a range of A3 size coloured paper. 

• Again, similarly like ordinary printer paper, coloured paper is sold in reams which means there are 500 sheets of coloured paper in each pack. Most of paper manufacturers include only one colour of paper in a ream but we also offer assorted paper colour packs which consist of 10 different colours, with 50 sheets in each colour.