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Welcome to the Computer Storage Media homepage. Huntoffice is the UK's number #1 online webstore when it comes to providing customers with high spec data storage solutions for your home or business. We deliver to all areas in the United Kingdom within 24 – 48 hours using our fast and friendly courier service (excludes weekends & bank holidays).

Here at Huntoffice UK, we understand the importance of backing up important data. We have often dealt with customers who, to their detriment, put the task of data backup on the long finger and suffered greatly as a consequence due to their computer receiving irreparable damage or theft. Therefore, we have listed a number of key reasons why anyone who owns a computer should back up their data without delay.

• As our personal lives become ever more entwined with the digital world, the amount of personal information that we store digitally increases. Any disruption in accessing this important information can cause major frustration and distress to an individual.

• In the event of something untoward happening to your computer or laptop, the loss of the information stored can be of more value than the cost of replacing the piece of hardware it was stored on. From a business point of view, the data or information lost may result in your business missing important targets / opportunities due to the nature and uniqueness of the data involved. On a personal level, the loss of valuable information may come in the form of treasured family photos or your large collection of movies or MP3’s that you have spent countless hours accumulating.

• Hard Drives only have a certain ‘usage life’ before they start experiencing technical problems. You may not actually realise there is a problem with the drive until it is too late. Once a Hard Drive crashes, some of the data may corrupt which makes it impossible to retrieve.

• Unfortunately, computer theft is on the increase. Vigilant thieves seize every opportunity to steal valuable items which have not been secured properly. The trend in modern technology is to make new devises smaller and more portable which in itself marks out computer devises as an easy target for unscrupulous opportunists. Where possible you should encrypt your data and have it backed up on a data storage devise in the event of you becoming a victim of computer theft.

• Computer Viruses – Anyone who spends time surfing the internet is vulnerable to malicious attacks from viruses and malware. Once a virus has infected your computer, it can result in data becoming corrupted or important operating files can get damaged which may lead to the hard drive malfunctioning.

• If your computer gets damaged and you need to retrieve important information stored within your hard drive, it may cost you large sums of money to get an IT expert to retrieve the information you are looking for. This cost can be multiplied if the damage occurs in a business where a number of computers or networks have been affected. However, this cost can be mitigated if you have a proper data backup procedure in place.

If you feel now is the appropriate time to back up your important data and files, then we are sure we have the right computer storage solution suitable for your needs. To help you locate the ideal storage solution, we have assigned our product range into specific categories.

These categories include

External Hard Drives  

Memory Stick  

CD-R Disks  

CD RW Disks 

DVD R Discs  

DVD RW Discs  

Memory Cards  

Memory Card Readers 

Blu-ray Discs  

Floppy Disks  

Data Tapes