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Hewlett Packard Colour Laser Paper Card Smooth 200gsm A4 White (Pack of 250 Sheets)

Hewlett Packard Colour Laser Paper Card Smooth 200gsm A4 …

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£13.95 ex vat
£16.74 inc vat
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Paper card is a very convenient product to have in your office or home.  Many businesses use paper card for signs, flyers etc.  In the home paper card can be used to make homemade greeting cards or wedding invitations.  Paper card is very popular in schools, particularly coloured paper card.  At Hunt Office we have a wide range of paper card to choose from, at very competitive prices.  Many of our packs of paper card can be used in a printer however always check your printer manual to see the maximium gsm your printer can accommodate.

We provide paper card in two weights 160gsm and 200gsm, the gsm weight refers to the thickness or firmness of the card.  So if you are using for a sign then 160gsm might be sufficient however if you are using for a greeting card then 200gsm may be more suitable.

White paper card would be very popular amongst customers however we also have green, pink, blue, black and yellow paper card.  The main brands of paper card we supply are Data Colours, Goldline, Motif and Navigator.

A4 paper card is the main card we supply, we also supply 700 X 500mm paper card.

Tips when buying paper card for greeting cards

• Buying pre-folded cards can work out expensive.  It can be much more economical to buy a pack of A4 paper card and to cut to size using a paper trimmer.
• If you plan on printing on the card, ensure you buy paper card that will work with your printer.
• When deciding on the size of card you will be making, ensure you can source the correct size envelope.  It might be a better idea to buy the envelopes first so when you are making your handmade cards, you can be sure they fit correctly.

Tips when buying paper card for promotions signs

• Buy paper card that can work with your printing machine.
• Decide on colour of the paper card you need.
• If you plan to print lots of paper signs it will work out cheaper if you print using a colour laser printer. Promotion signs can consume a lot of ink.
• If you are displaying multiple signs around your business try to keep the design consistent.
• It is advisable to laminate your promotional sign or store it in a suitable sign holder to keep it looking fresh.