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Carbonless Paper

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Need carbonless paper for your office? Here you will find a range of carbonless paper in various options, which we deliver throughout London. Carbonless paper are sheets of specially coated paper which consists of ink infused into the paper. When someone puts pressure on the top sheet of paper the ink is transferred to the other layers of paper.

Most of our carbonless paper can be used in digital printers ( most commonly dot matrix printers) making them ideal for personalising your own company invoices, delivery notes etc. It is very popular among industrial, warehouse and accountancy workplaces as it provides multiple copies of invoices, dockets and other business sheets instantly. Carbonless paper is also ideal for getting original handwritten detail as well as handwritten signatures.

Typically, carbonless paper comes with colour-coded sheets, no matter if it is 2 part, 3 part or 4 part paper. Such system is very useful as it allows you quickly to identify and separate copies that should be kept for your own records, your suppliers or customers.