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Cafedirect Fairtrade Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 500g Tin Pack of 1 TWI4101

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  • Cafedirect Fairtrade 
  • Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 
  • 500g Tin 
  • Pack of 1
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0.50 kg
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Coffee - Instant
Cafe Direct
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Decaf or Regular

Product Details

- Cafedirect Fairtrade Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 500g Tin Pack of 1 TWI4101

Café Direct Classics Medium Roast Instant Coffee is the perfect start to your day either at home or at the office. Explore a world of taste with Café Direct range of 100% Fairtrade drinks. By choosing fairtrade you can be assured of better and fairer trading conditions for farmers and workers so they can invest in a better future for their communities. From the rich, intense African coffees to the sweet, subtle coffees from Latin America, there is a taste to suit everyone. For your convenience Café Direct Coffee is now available to buy online.

Made form 100% Fairtrade coffee beans, vibrant, refreshing and full-flavoured medium roast instant coffee is comes in 500g tin and a recommended serving size is one (1) teaspoon. This means you'll get about 250 servings per tin.

your coffee experience   Coffee Flavour - Vibrant, Refreshing With A Hint Of Nutty Caramel
For a drink that is easy to make but full of real coffee bean flavour, Cafe Direct have created their Classics Medium Roast instant coffee blend. Smooth and full bodied, it is a perfect combination of Latin American Arabica beans and full flavoured African Robusta. This deliciously smooth instant coffee with caramel overtones is bursting with fantastic flavour.
medium coffee intensity   Coffee Intensity - Medium
Coffee intensity (bitterness) is not an indication of caffeine amount the coffee contains, it is the intensity of flavour measure that is determined by degree of coffee bean roasting and varies from mellow to bold. How "bold" are you?


instant coffee   Coffee Type - Instant Coffee Granules
Instant coffee is a beverage derived from brewed coffee beans. Through various manufacturing processes, the coffee is dehydrated into the form of powder or granules.The advantages of instant coffee is that it dissolves instantly in hot water, and it has less weight and volume than ground coffee to prepare the same amount of beverage. 
instant coffee preparation, just add hot water   Easy Coffee Preparation - Just Add Hot Boiled Water
The instructions for making Café Direct Classics Medium Roast Instant Coffee is simple enough : just put a spoon or two to your cup, pour some hot boiled water, stir it and enjoy!
500g instant coffee  pack size enough for about 250 cups   Coffee Pack - 500g Tin of Coffee Granules ( approx. 250 cups*)
500g of instant coffee granules typically makes approx. 250 cups of rich and aromatic coffee (*based on average consumption). 
Share your coffee experience - add a tin or two to the gift basket.
black coffee   The Perfect Black Coffee
If you will follow Café Direct Classics Medium Roast Instant Coffee preparation guidelines and tips, we promise you a cup of simply delicious black coffee.
Excellent with add sugar, milk or creamer - anything you can think of adding - adjust to your taste!!
your coffee origin   Origin - South America and Africa
Café Direct Classics Medium Roast Instant Coffee beans were grown in small Southern America and Africa plantations and local environment is reflected in its flavour. It is a perfect combination of Latin American Arabica beans and full flavoured African Robusta.
fairtrade   Coffee with Fairtrade Label
The Fairtrade Mark is a registered certification label for products sourced from producers in developing countries.  For a product to display the Fairtrade Mark it must meet international Fairtrade standards which are not simply a set of minimum standards, but go further in seeking to support the development of disadvantaged and marginalized small-scale farmers and plantation workers and relate to social, economic and environmental development. Enjoy your coffee thoughtfully!
Cafe Direct coffee company   Café Direct Coffee Brand
"Made the small way". Café Direct coffee brand offers wide range of award winning tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Café Direct was the first UK coffee brand to carry Fairtrade label and supports fair trading by having  75% coffee growers as shareholders in the company and  ensuring  positive coffee business  impact for people and environment.

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Elizabeth, UK
Mar 14, 2014
I have tried this instant coffee at my friends house and i thought it was absolutely delicious, not any worse than the coffee from the coffee shop, just way more cheap and easier to make. Looked throughout various online sites selling cafe direct coffee and found great price deal in, where im ordering all my office supplies already, so it comes all together in one load.
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Tim Keane
Feb 14, 2013
I try to buy goods that carry the fairtrade label wherever I can. Sometimes I've been happy with the items other times I haven't. This medium roast instant coffee glad to say I like. It's medium roast so the flavour isn't strong and overpowering. Nice instant coffee.
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Emma, Winchester.
Aug 16, 2012
We buy the fairtrade classics coffees and tea all the time. We have refused to buy anything other than the fairtrade products for the cafeteria. The fairtrade logo guarantees that that the producer and its employees get a fair price and a fair wage. It is only right that we do everything we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Personally, I just love this cafe direct classics medium roast instant coffee and there is really very little difference in the price. So, the next time you are buying coffee or tea, look for the fairtrade logo.
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Jul 5, 2011
Love the taste of Fairtrade medium roast instant coffee. 500g tin is really long lasting and the price is so low, so we are always purchasing it form huntoffice. thanks a lot
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