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Welcome to the Blank Business Cards section of Huntoffice UK. Business cards are very important when you’re out and about meeting contacts at conferences, exhibitions, client meetings etc. Most organisations get their business cards professionally printed however it is very beneficial to have a supply of blank business cards which you can customise for any situation.

With the advances in printing technology, most individuals nowadays can achieve the quality professional results you would achieve from a professional printing company. Avery has many online templates that will assist you when printing onto your blank business cards.

Many people find it more economical to print their own business cards and you have the opportunity to print the right amount of business cards you need for your trip or conference. At we have blank business cards from Avery and Decadry, many of them come micro perforated in sheets so they can be fed into printing machines and separated easily when printed. Our blank business cards come in various colours and weights.

Why buy Blank Business Cards?

Ordering business cards from a professional can be an expensive task, not to mention time consuming. You may have to wait some time for your printed business cards. Design options can also be limited. By buying blank business cards you are eliminating all of that. You can buy blank business cards in bulk, which will save you a huge amount of money. They are readily available to you when you need them, which means no waiting time for the printer to complete your business cards. All of the blank business cards we supply here on Huntoffice UK are from the brands Avery and Decadry. Both of these offer numerous blank business card templates on their websites for you to download for free, allowing you to edit your own business card and add whatever text you prefer.

Types of Blank Business Cards available on Hunt Office UK:

• Here on Huntoffice UK there is a huge choice of blank business cards to choose from to help you to fully customize your own business cards. We have a selection of both business tent cards and normal printable blank business cards.

• There are a range of various blank business card weights and finishes to choose from. Depending on your own personal preference or business needs you may want to go for matt, satin or even glossy business cards to add an extra luxuriously professional look and feel to your business cards.

• You will also find a selection of blank business card weights to choose from, ranging between 115 gsm right up to a high quality 260 gsm.

• There are also different shades of white to choose from including bright white to help make your finished business cards stand out and get noticed.