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Anyone who runs a business in the UK will agree that keeping an up to date financial record of your business transactions is vital when it comes to calculating end of year figures.Book Keeping involves the daily recording of business transactions include sales, purchases, income, receipts and payments.

Good book keeping should not be looked upon as a tedious chore, rather a tool for strategic advantage. Some major benefit can include.

• Ensuring your business has liquidity and positive cash flow.

•  Pin Pointing peaks and troughs in annual business activity. You can plan staff rosters, stock levels and marketing opportunities.

• Having up to date financial records can help you secure a loan through the bank or have a credit application granted by a supplier.

• Good Time Management – not letting the work build up so when it comes to the end of the financial year, you will not waste valuable time trying to get the work done.

• Reduces the risk of incurring late penalties when returning forms to the HM Revenue & Customs office

• Having your books up to date can have more than just financial benefits. It can reduce stress levels and anxiety when you have a visit from the Accountant or Revenue Officer.

Here at the, we carry a large selection of Accounting & Analysis Books to cater for all your cash flow & financial record keeping needs and help you reap some of the benefits outlined above. Some of the products you will find contained within this section include.

• Petty Cash Book – Keep track of daily Ad – hoc purchases such as Tea , Coffee, Biscuits and Toiletries

Payslips – We supply blank payslips which are compatible with Sage and Pegasus accounting software.

• Wages and Salaries Book – Keep a manual record of your employee wages. These books also cover pension schemes and overtime.

• A4 Analysis Pads – Suitable for Mobile Sales Representatives.

Analysis Books –Analyse how much money you are spend on business necessities such as Heat & Light, Insurance, and Stationary.

Receipt Books – once a sale is finalised, you can issue a receipt for the goods or services to your customer. We also stock Triplicate Receipt books.