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Here's what our customers are saying...

Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book Small A5
  Accident Report Book  
  "Its very important to have this accident book in your office or work place. I got this Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book in a5 format and perforated sheets allowing removal and storage in the folder. For very low price like this everyone should have it."  
Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book A4
  H&S Accident Book  
  "Documentation has become so important . This book ticked all of the boxes. Very happy with the peace of mind it brings"  
Celia Downes  
Click Medical Accident Book DPA Compliant Book Ref CM1324
  So Pleased With This Product,! 
  "Great book and completely upto date.
Its also a GDPR compliant accident book every good price and delivery on time"
Mike Benett  
Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book A4
  Accident Report Book Stands Out From All Others!   
  "Future Buyers here is my review of this Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book. 1. A4 size makes it easy to move from place to place 2. Paper used for this accident report book is af a very good quality-the ink wont show up on the back of the page 3. easy to use columns which makes this wallace cameron Accident Report Book stand out from others 4. Must have in the workplace 5. Price is good for the quality. Will suggest it!"
Frances Flynn  
Guildhall Accident Report Book 24 Entries 210x200mm White
  Accident Report Book at work!   
  "This accident book is such an important record keeper for us.
We record all accidents and near misses too.
It's a vital part of our Health and Safety Management. This books makes it so easy and is compliant with regulations"
Sophie Morrissey  
Collins Accident Report Book A5 Landscape 148x210mm Ref ARB2
  Great accident reporting book!   
  "Great accident reporting book, all the sections that we require. Very happy that we can keep all these incidents in one file for future reference"  
Wallace Cameron Accident Report Book A4
  Clear and easy to fill in!   
  "I use this accident report book as its required for insurance purposes. Clear and easy to fill in. I like the fact that the pages are perforated - makes it quick and easy to file. I also purchased the Wallace Cameron report folder. It keeps the records confidential and in order."